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The LiFePo receiver batteries feature highest power and an unbelievable performance. With their standard dimensions, the VTEC LiFePo RX-Packs are suitable for all R/C models available on the market.


  • Ready-to-use with pre-assembled connectors
  • Suitable as receiver battery for 1/10 and 1/8 models
  • All cells are separately tested and selected
  • Maximum capacity
  • Extremely low weight
  • High cycle life
  • LRP quality approved

Technical Data

  • Type - RX-only
  • Nominal voltage - 6.6V
  • Style - Hump
  • Capacity - 2000
  • Configuration - 2S1P
  • Dimensions - 55x32x33mm
  • Weight - 97g
  • Balancing connector - XHR

LiFe batteries have nominal 3.3v per cell. They have the advantage of providing a flatter discharge curve and longer cycle life compared to LiPo batteries. They are considered safer that LiPo batteries due to their chemistry.

Ensure your charger is set to LiFe mode when charging.

LIFEPO 2000 RX-PACK 2/3A HUMP - 6.6V

SKU: lrp 430301
£29.99 Regular Price
£28.50Sale Price


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