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Pro-Line knows tyres and understands that the strongest bond possible between the Tyre and Wheel is a critical aspect of performance and tyre longevity. Pro-Line engineers have developed the Best Tyre Gluing System ever devised with the specific needs of RC users in mind – Pro-Bond Tyre Glue. The first challenge was developing the strongest glue possible while also having the correct flow characteristics and dry time that RC Racers and Bashers desire. Pro-Line’s new Pro-Bond Tyre Glue has a Hold Strength of 3,200 PSI (Test Method: Steel on Steel in Tensile Shear) which is the highest Strength of any Tyre Glue available. Pro-Line’s unique glue formula also provides the fastest drying glue possible while drying crystal clear with no yellowing or whitening found when gluing tyres with other glues. The Pro-Line development team did not just stop with improving the glue. Pro-Line Engineers began the design process with the clear goal of revolutionizing the Glue Delivery System (Bottle and Applicator Tip).

The Pro-Line Pro-Bond Tyre Glue features a super soft and squeezable Round Bottle that improves feel as you apply the glue, with the added benefit of the round bottle being significantly more stable on your pit table when compared to the elliptical shape found in all other glue bottles. The single biggest advancement of the Pro-Bond Tyre Glue system is the all-new Translucent Yellow Pro-Bond Applicator tips. The tips are specifically intended around Pro-Line’s Exclusive Round Bottle Design and snap into place for a secure fit while gluing. The Pro-Bond Applicator tips are Re-Usable unlike the throw-away tubes and have the perfect size applicator hole for gluing tyres. Pro-Line includes 2 Pro-Bond Applicator tips with each bottle of Pro-Bond Glue for maximum value.

Don’t waste time or money on inferior glue – Choose Pro-Bond Tire Glue for all your tire gluing needs


SKU: pro603100
£9.49 Regular Price
£9.02Sale Price


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