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SANWA RX-492i compact receiver with built in antenna and indicator function. (i)

- Compact receiver
- Waterproof
- Plug in Bind
- Built in Antenna
- Suitable for 1/10 and 1/12 Electric Car

- 2.4 GHz FHSS5 Spread Spectrum System 4ch
-Compatible with Telemetry
*Cannot connect RPM sensor and Temperature sensor To measure RPM and Temperature is only combine with SUPER VORTEX series
- Compatible with SSL (SUPER VORTEX Series, etc...)
- Ultra Response Mode (SUR)
- Extreme Response Mode (SXR)
*SXR response mode is only compatible with
 transmitter M17.
- Dual ID system (able to bind with 2 transmitters)
- The smallest and lightest receiver in the class

*RX-492i can be used with FH5 transmitters that do not have indicator function.
*RX-492i is not different with RX-492 except installing indicator function.
*Indicator function can be used with transmitters are compatible with indicator function.

Indicator Function compatible
Indicator function can be check signal strength when connected to transmitter.
The indicator function can be used for finding problems as incorrect receiver placing and finding the best receiver position for transmitter.
SANWA technical development dictates that, when indicator function is checked signal strength does not effect response.


Compatible with FH5/FH5U
Voltage: 3.7 - 7.4V
Size: 18.5 x 20.2 x 27.4 mm
Weight: 6.8 g
Water Proof (Same as IPX4 )
Indicator Function Compatible
Compatible radio - M17, MT-5, MT-R


SKU: sa 107a41386a
£84.99 Regular Price
£80.75Sale Price


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